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If you’ve done a Whole30 before, the idea of a breakfast salad won’t sound so bizarre to you because, well, after 30 days of cutting out toast, oats, yogurt and some of the traditional breakfasts that you are used to eating in the past.. you start having to get creative in the mornings. It starts off with delicious breakfasts hashes, lots of avocados and eggs, and at some point, you realize vegetables have become the new bread in your morning routine and that is a pretty freaking awesome substitute if you ask me. 

Starting the day with greens will not only keep you satisfied for many hours but it sets a healthy tone for your day. According to, “those who start the day with greens may experience higher energy, improved mental clarity, reduction in crazy food cravings, and weight loss. Starting your day with a more concocted breakfast of leafy greens and other vegetables can offer your body a spectrum of quality nutrition, complex carbs, healthy fats and protein.” 

Since I’ve become a Whole30 devotee– big, savory breakfasts to kick start my day are now routine to me and I am so grateful. In the past, I used to start off my day with toast or yogurt and I found that when I started my day with sugar and carbs, I craved sugar and carbs all. day. long. Not good. When I start my day with greens, I tend to make good decisions all day. And yes, rethinking your breakfast routine can be challenging but it can be such a powerful shift in your life if you can get past the initial struggle.  You will seriously feel freaking great in the morning if you get your greens in and the sugar out!

Really, what is the big deal? You already love eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. Why not putting it over some salad greens? And here, let me give you some breakfast salad inspiration. Check these beautiful salad creations I’ve whipped up:

Like I said before, you already love bacon and eggs, so just throw it on top of some spring greens, drizzle with some olive oil and the squeeze of some lemon and get your day going!

You love lox for breakfast? Well, do like I did here and say goodbye to that bagel and cream cheese and swap it for some green butter lettuce and my basil green goddess dressing on top. It’s got all the lox fixings: smoked salmon, tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, capers, and… to make it “breakfast” I threw two perfectly poached eggs on top! YUM.

Here I had some leftovers from my Kale Caesar Salad and you know what I did? put an egg on it and a side of bacon. BAM. Breakfast.

You know what else makes me happy? This whole “breakfast salad trend” is starting to catch on! More and more people are reimagining what breakfast looks like and getting rid of pancakes and toast. I went to Snap Kitchen last week where I love to purchase fresh, nutritious, takeaway meals. It’s become one of my go to spots as they have tons of Whole30 options to choose from. To my surprise they had a Sunrise Breakfast Salad that they just added to their menu! YAS. I obviously took one home to try and I am obsessed!! I love that it also has some sweet potato wedges in there to really fuel your morning, some greens, a little fruit and an egg. The perfect combination to a healthy, balanced breakfast. You guys have to try it.

If you haven’t made a salad for breakfast, give it a try!  Erase from your head all of those images of what breakfast should look like and think outside the box. You will feel so much better in the mornings when you eat your greens!


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I’m a food lover sharing healthy, simple, delicious, recipes from my kitchen to yours. Here you’ll find lots of Whole30, lots of healthy, and a little indulgence here and there because…it’s all about balance y’all!

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  1. hii i m reading this 2021 but i m here to watch out is salad good for breakfast or in start of morning so want i m eating is 1 cucumber 1 tomato some cabbage and 3 dates sometimes add onions too and squeeze lemonade on top of it and put some blackpepper can you tell me if i did good!! thanks!

  2. Hi! So I’ve been doing egg, avo, and bacon over spinach in the morning…will that work for whole 30?! Sorry I’m new to this haha

    1. Yes, that will. As long as your bacon is compliant (no nitrates, sugar, maple, etc.) I use Pederson’s Farms Whole30 Bacon.

  3. This makes me think of Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies”. If you like it then you should put an egg on it!! ?

    But seriously, these suggestions for breakfast salads sound delish.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. YESSSS! I am SO on board with the breakfast salad. It is such a nice change of pace from the frittatas or smoothies that I have been eating for like the last two years. I always need something that I can put together quickly and take to work. Lately, I’ve been doing a salad with a bed of greens, two chopped HB eggs, avocado and roasted sweet potato. I just throw it all in a Tupperware container and top it with Frank’s hot sauce at my desk. I get very odd looks from my coworkers who wonder what the hell I am eating, but that’s ok. It’s so delicious!