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Pantry items are the best, always there ready to go when we need them most! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite clean-eating pantry items that I really love and use on a regular basis. Do you have any clean eating items that you love that I didn’t include? Tell me about them in the comments below, I love trying new products!!

Not all of these are Whole30, but the ones with a * next to it, are!

Clean-Eating Pantry Items Dave’s Killer Bread — Although this bread is not gluten-free, it is a great clean bread that tastes fantastic! I am not much of a bread eater myself, but my I do make my kids PBJ sandwiches, grilled cheese, and turkey sandwiches regularly and I love that I can use Dave’s Killer Bread knowing they aren’t taking in a bunch of junk! I find this at Wholefoods, Sprouts, Tom Thumb and Central Market. 

Siete Chips – You all know my love for Siete Chips and tortillas! I always keep a bag in my pantry for my favorite afternoon snack, chips and salsa!! I buy these at Wholefoods.

*Joe T Garcias Salsa — Speaking of Chips and Salsa… there isn’t a better jarred salsa than Joe T Garcias Medium Salsa. I consider myself a salsa connoisseur, and to me, this one is perfection! I buy mine at Wholefoods and Tom Thumb. You can also buy it on Amazon! 

Jovial Brown Rice Pasta — as far as gluten free pasta goes, this one is the best I’ve ever had… which makes sense that it is “Award Winning”. I always keep a few boxes of this in my pantry, mainly for my kiddos to have something starchy with dinner; however, when I do want Pasta, I always use Jovial!

*Rao’s Marinara — My momma is italian, and I grew up eating homemade red sauce and never liked jarred marinara UNTIL I discovered Rao’s. WOW! they really nailed it! Plus, it’s whole30 approved!! I purchase mine at Wholefoods and Central Market.

*Southwestern505 Green Chile — I really love all of their sauces, but my most favorite is their Flame Roasted Hatch Green Chiles! YUM! I put it over eggs for a kick, and I really love using in my Green Chile Stew to make life easier and save time on chopping!! I get this at Costco and Tom Thumb!

*Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk and Curry Pastes — If you have these two items in your pantry, you can seriously whip up fantastic thai food in no time!! Both the coconut milk and the curry pastes are Whole30 approved with fantastic flavor, and you can find it in most stores! You need to give my Thai Green Curry Salmon a Try if you haven’t yet. 

*Frontier Co-Op Adobo Seasoning — Most Adobo seasonings have MSG in them, but not Frontier Co-Op and the flavor is my favorite store bought spice EVER. I use it weekly to flavor up boring old chicken, throw it in some ground beef for tacos, or even over rice/cauliflower rice for good flavor! I buy mine at Whole Foods.

*Fourth & Heart Ghee — Ghee, or clarified butter, is great for cooking and Fourth and Heart is by far my favorite brand of Ghees. They have fun flavors like california garlic, vanilla bean, and even truffle!! You can find this at Whole foods or online!

*Crazy Richards Nut Butters — each of the nut butters have one ingredient in them, the nut alone, which blows my mind because the consistency and flavors are fantastic! Why add all of the other junk to it when the nuts alone create a wonderful butter that is clean and nourishing. Crazy Richards brand nails it. I only use their peanut butter for my kids PBJ and I love their almond and cashew butters for Whole30 approved cooking (check out my Easy Panang Curry recipe using the almond butter!)

*Barney Butter Bare Smooth Almond Butter – For a thick and creamy almond butter that has the consistency of peanut butter, try Barney Butter’s “bare smooth” line, but be sure its the “bare” one as the others have added sugar! It’s fantastic and I use it for snacking on apples with almond butter for a clean, whole30 approved treat!

*Arrowroot Flour/Starch — Arrowroot flour is a great alternative to corn starch when cooking Whole30 + paleo. I use it regularly when thickening up my asian stir fry dishes (like my Mongolian Beef) and when making creamy, delicious “gravy” like sauces (like my skillet chicken piccata). 

*Tonnino Tuna– I love these little jars of high quality tuna, and I especially like the one packed with jalapeno! I just throw this on top of some greens for a no-fuss, clean lunch!

*WIld Planet canned Tuna — I always have tons of canned tuna in my pantry to whip up a good tuna salad whenever I need a quick, healthy lunch! I buy mine at Costco. 

*Cento Anchovies in Olive oil — I also always keep anchovies in my pantry to add to salad dressings (like my Caesar Salad or Green Goddess Dressing). I also add a little to my pasta sauce for a delicious addition of flavor and depth. This is at most grocery stores.

*Imagine Brand Broth — I like to make my own Chicken Broth, but when I don’t have time or have any on hand, Imagine Brand has fantastic tasting broth that is Whole30 Approved! I buy mine at Wholefoods. 

Simple Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix — I love how simple and clean the ingredients are in all of the Simple Mills products and I love making pancakes for my kiddos knowing they are eating clean! They have  TON of fantastic, clean products and we use them all of the time! 

Welcome! I’m Alex.

I’m a food lover sharing healthy, simple, delicious, recipes from my kitchen to yours. Here you’ll find lots of Whole30, lots of healthy, and a little indulgence here and there because…it’s all about balance y’all!

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