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Oh, Sevilla, how I love thee!! One of my most favorite places in the world, if not my favorite, is Sevilla. I discovered a lot about myself during my college years studying abroad there, I was lead to the love of my life and now husband by living there, and I was taught by the “Sevillanos” how to live a life of filled with happiness and not stress. To say that this city is near and dear to my heart would be an understatement. So of course I needed to create this Sevilla Travel Guide!IMG_4801

Sevilla is the cultural center of Andalucía in southern Spain and they have much pride in this. Not only is this city beautiful, but it has SO much character. The best way to travel the city is to wander. Wander through the alleyways (it’s very safe!) and take in what the locals are doing. They know how to live, you’ll see, and you are going to want to take notes. 

I have recommendations for you but, again, I want to express that my most wonderful memories in Sevilla are popping into crowded Cerveceria’s, ordering a Cruz Campo (beer) and looking around the tables at what the locals are snacking on. I then tell the bartender, I want that…it’s a foolproof method on emerging yourself into the culture and having a wonderful experience. Not to mention, you’re likely going to love what they are eating, too! It might be different but if everyone is eating it–it’s gotta be good, right?


Let’s start with sights to see (in order of importance to me):

  • El Alcázar
  • La Giralda Tower and Cathedral of St. Mary
  • Plaza de España — Take a walk through here and then through Maria Luisa Park. They are right next to each other.IMG_4839
  • Parque María Luisa — One of my favorite things to do in Sevilla is take a walk through this park. They strategically placed water features around the park so that no matter where you are, you can always hear a water fountain. Fabulous!
  •  Torre Del Orro — DO NOT do the museum inside, it is a waste of time. Just walk by it and have a beer at a “kiosko” nearby.
  • Triana — a beautiful neighborhood located near the Guadalquivir River. They are known for their ceramics. Take a walk through the ceramic shops and have a beer at a nearby Cerveceria to enjoy some quality people-watching.

Now, Let’s talk FOOD AND DRINK:

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII — If you can afford to stay here, DO IT. It’s absolutely beautiful and luxurious, yet has so much character. If you can’t afford it, do stop by and take a look and enjoy…
    • Drinks at Bar Americano — great for a pre-dinner cocktail, or a late-night drink.
    • Drinks and tapas ENA — if the weather is nice, you HAVE to enjoy a cocktail and an appetizer at ENA before you hit the town. Sit and soak in the view of the beautiful streets nearby with a glass of Crianza (or try their Tinto de Verano if it’s hot out) and definitely get an order of their “La Bravas Potatoes.” We also had dinner here one night because we were exhausted from traveling and it was great!IMG_4853
  • Ovejas Negras — Delicious, modern tapas with an Asian influence. Be sure to make reservations!IMG_5052
  • Calle Mateos Gago: This is a street directly behind the Cathedral. It’s a little touristy but, nonetheless, I like it and you can always find a good spot here to kick back, have a beer or a glass of wine, and enjoy some traditional Spanish tapas. Better for lunch than dinner.
    • Cerveceria Giralda: One of the first ones on the street so it has great views of the Cathedral. Try the Solomillo al Whiskey here, one of my favorite Spanish Tapas!!IMG_5037
    • La Tradicional is another good one. 
  • El Pinton — I did not go here but was told by my friend that is from Sevilla that this is a great spot for Modern Tapas.
  • Perro Viejo— Again, wasn’t able to try this place but was told by my friend in Sevilla that it is good! Modern Tapas.
  • Bodega Consolacion— okay, so if “Caracoles” are in season this is where you want to venture out and try them. Caracoles are snails and hey, don’t knock it until you try it! I loved them! During the late Spring, andaluces flock to the streets when the temps start to cool down to slurp up caracoles by the tapa-full. The season is short – mid May to late June. This little bar is off the beaten path–located in the Los Remedios Barrio at the corner of Calle Niebla and Calle Virgen de la Consolacion. It’s such a local gem!IMG_4859
  • El Zeste-– Another place that we happened to stumble upon when in need of a beer. It was good!
  • Burguer Carlos & Jose: talk about the BEST. LATE NIGHT. EVER. If you can find these guys on the streets after a night out on the town, do yourself a favor and INDULGE in one of their burgers. It’s stacked high with odd ingredients like carrots and corn, but it takes drunk food to a whole new level. You won’t regret it!

I hope this Sevilla Travel Guide helps when planning your next trip!

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