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Alright, folks!! I am excited to share with you a little guide to this beautiful island — here’s St. Barths Travel Guide!

St. Barths Travel Guide  

We recently went to St. Barths for a wedding and had the most wonderful time. If you are looking into planning a trip to St. Barths, I’ve got some great recommendations on how to get there, what to do, and most importantly — where to eat!  

Let’s hop to it.  


St. Barths Travel Guide

So, the only con about St. Barths is that it is difficult how to get there. There are a few ways to travel to the island and I have a few tips for you based on our recent travel.

Coming from DFW, here is how we did it: DFW –> Miami –> St. Maarten –> then the quick 15-minute into St. Barths on a small plane. 

Alternatively, you can opt to fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico (which has more direct flights from DFW) and then take a small plane into St. Barths from there. A lot of the wedding guests did this and said it was great. I personally, as a fearful flyer, opted not to do this route only because the small plane ride is about 1 hour long as opposed to the St. Maarten flight which is only 15 minutes long. I felt less anxious about the 15 minutes from St. Maarten.  

So with that said, you can get there two ways:  

  1. Fly into St. Marteen  
  2. Fly into San Juan Puerto Rico  

Regardless of your choice, you will then need to decide if you want to take the small commuter plane into St. Barths or the Ferry. Everyone we talked to said the ferry is NOT the way to go because it’s an hour-long in very choppy waters that makes everyone feel a little icky by the time they hit land. In fact, I’ve heard from multiple friends that when they did ride, nearly 80% of the people on the ferry ride were seasick by the time they got to St. Barths — not a great start to vacay!

With that said, I recommend taking one of the small commuter planes into St. Barths. And LISTEN y’all! I am a very fearful flyer and it wasn’t so bad at all. I mean, I did cry a little from nerves as it is a very small plane, but these pilots do it like 8x a day, it’s a very short flight, and they are pros executing the landing on the short runway into St. Barths.

For commuter flights: 

  1. St. Barths Commuter: This is what we took from St. Maarten  
  2. WinAir: Another highly recommended option. I was told that these planes are slightly larger than St. Barths Commuter and they have 2 pilots as opposed to 1 if that is something that might make you feel better if you are a fearful flyer. 

Last hot tip for traveling: This is absolutely NOT necessary but there is a VIP service that you can book when you land in St. Maarten that helps expedite you through customs. Their concierge provides you with VIP Arrival and Departure Airport Assistance through the airports of St. Maarten & St. Barths. We did this and I am glad we did because the line gets rather long. To inquire about this service, I recommend downloading WhatsApp to contact THE RIGHT VIP SERVICE: +590 690 69 5079.  



St. Barths Travel Guide

  • Nao Beach Club: Probably my favorite meal on the island, this place is amazing for a rosé-filled brunch with outstanding food and beautiful beach views.  
  • Nikki Beach: Also great for a fun brunch/lunch right on the beach!  
  • Shellona Beach: Located on the beautiful Shell Beach, this is a must-do for lunch!  
  • Gyp Sea Beach: Another great pick for brunch/lunch!  
  • Le Petite Plage: If you are looking for an upbeat, vibey spot for dinner, this is it! If you have a later seating here, prepare for the restaurant to shift into more of a nightclub around 11pm if you are there from Friday- Sunday.   
  • Bagatelle: Similar to Le Petit Plage, Bagatelle is known for its upbeat environment and party scene. We went here and I will admit, the food is mediocre. But if you’re in St. Barths for a celebration and want to enjoy dinner with a DJ where, by the end of it, you might end up dancing on a table — Bagatelle is the place to go! 
  • Le Select: Also known for where Jimmy Buffet wrote, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” this is a great spot for a casual lunch burger or easy dinner when you’re wanting something less sceney.  
  • L’isoletta: By the end of our trip, we wanted CHILL VIBES, and this spot was the perfect pick for fabulous pizza and wine and a more casual environment. 
  • Black Ginger: We weren’t able to make it here but this Thai restaurant came highly recommended!  
  • Le Tamarin: This restaurant located in the jungle came highly recommended and is supposed to be absolutely stunning!  
  • La Guerite: Located on the beach, we didn’t make it to this spot but friends who have visited said it was their favorite spot for lunch! 
  • Bonito: Another highly recommended spot! I really wanted to go here but we didn’t have the chance.
  • Bar de L’Oubli: A good spot for drinks + a burger in Gustavia for lunch or dinner.  



St. Barths Travel Guide

  • Rent a Moke and Explore the Island: These cute little roofless cars are so fun to zip around the city. I will say, if you don’t have someone you trust driving, it can be a little daunting going up some of the larger hills. We didn’t have issues, but I can see how some folks would.  If nervous, rent a Mini Cooper or another car so that you can explore the island! While the island does have cabs, there are not a ton, so it can take time waiting on cab to arrive if looking for a full day of exploration.
  • Swim with Turtles at Anse du Grand Cul-de-Sac Lagoon: This is situated near the Rosewood Hotel so for a day adventure, we went to the Rosewood and rented some beach chairs — you don’t have to be a hotel guest to do this! We had lunch there and swam in the lagoon where there are super shallow waters so you can walk around and we did end up seeing two beautiful sea turtles during our swim! 
  • Hike to Columbier Beach
  • Shop around in Gustavia: Whether you are looking for a souvenir or a new designer handbag, you can find it all in Gustavia. Head there for a day of walking around, shopping, and then have a fun brunch or early dinner! Keep in mind that the stores have odd hours, and a lot of them close from noon to about 4pm. So go early in the day or in the evening! 



St. Barths Travel Guide

  • Tropical St. Barths: This is where we stayed and we loved the boutique, chic, and tropical environment! The staff was very helpful and the rooms are very comfortable. I also really liked the central location of where the Tropical is on the island. You can easily walk to a lot of the beach restaurants from here and it’s a short 5-minute drive to the Gustavia area. 
  • Eden Rock: This beautiful hotel is located just down the hill from the Tropical Hotel where we stayed. It’s situated on the water and has a beautiful bar and restaurant as well. Very gorgeous!
  • Rosewood Le Guanahani: This is located on a more quiet side of the island so if you’re looking for a more resort, calm experience I’d go for this! 
  • Rent a Villa: There are a ton of villas to rent in St. Barths if you are looking for more space or privacy. 

So that’s it! My St. Barths Travel Guide! I am certain I’ve missed out on some other wonderful places to dine, adventures and more! Please comment below your favorites if I missed anything special to you from your own travels.

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  1. We are going there in a week on a boat, will buoy there for two days. We will have our young adult kids with us, 9 of us total. Things look very pricey…anywhere casual we should hit for lunch that won’t break the budget? Someone suggested Nikki beach, but that looks quite vibey and pricey.

    1. Nikki Beach was definitely more vibey and pricey–
      I would pop into the town of Gustavia for a lot more options in prices and experiences:
      Le Select is hamburgers and fun.
      L’isoletta was also a casual a lovely spot for a nice dinner that wasn’t too “vibey”. Amazing pizza and great wine!

      I wasn’t there long enough to gather any more intel– but those are two rock solid options 🙂