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Here’s another 5-day Whole30 Meal Plan to make your weeknight dinners easier! Complete with a grocery list!

Whole30 Meal Plan {1.27.21}

To download the full document, click here –> Whole30 Meal Plan {1.27.21}

Welcome! I’m Alex.

I’m a food lover sharing healthy, simple, delicious, recipes from my kitchen to yours. Here you’ll find lots of Whole30, lots of healthy, and a little indulgence here and there because…it’s all about balance y’all!

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  1. I just made your Chicken not Parmesan and I really struggled with keeping the smoke down, I had to rapidly move my chicken to a baking sheet and bake them due to the burning of the almond flour, which I think caused my breading to fall off.

    What am I doing wrong or what would you suggest to keep the burning and smoke down??

    1. Hi! Almond flour does tend to burn easily– and depending on your skillet and your stovetop, this can cause it to burn more quickly. I would just make sure you’re cooking it at a steady medium or even medium-low heat, and not too high. That way it cooks more slowly and has time to crisp/brown but not burn.

  2. Alex

    I am confused about the cumin beef stir fry. There is no cumin in it unless I missed it. And I googled cumino garlic cloves and can’t find them. What am I missing?

    1. Hi Natalie! Apologies for this, looks like the two lines were pushed together making it hard to read. Just uploaded an updated version to show that the recipe calls for 1.5 tsp ground cumin and 6 garlic cloves thinly sliced.