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I am feeling really good about 2018 thus far. Why? Because for like the first time in my life I have stuck to my New Years Resolutions for longer than a week:

  1. Complete a January Whole30 and live a Whole30 Lifestyle. And yes, I realize that might sound weird to y’all because I already do live a Whole30-ish lifestyle but it is important for me to kick of my year and remind myself why I do this. Because it makes you feel so dang good and reminds you of your unhealthy habits you need to watch. 
  2. Workout consistently. In years past, I haven’t been much of an exerciser– in fact, I didn’t. haha. But I have been training with a personal trainer and LOVING it for the first time and years and I plan on sticking with it. 
  3. GET ORGANIZED. Okay, so maybe I didn’t have to lift a finger on this one but let’s be honest. I am a one-woman circus over here on my blog and it’s a lot of work. Plus, I’m a stay at home mom of two girls and… most importantly, I freaking suck at organizing. It gives me major anxiety and makes me angry. That’s why I hired Neat Method and I have zero regrets. 

Okay, so we can talk about resolutions #1 and #2 another day, but let’s talk about Neat Method and how they made my life better. For real. 

Two of the spaces I needed organized the most was my kitchen space (I spend a lot of time in there, hehe) and my closet. The lovely Neat Method ladies of Dallas came in just went to work. I seriously didn’t have to lift a finger, which I just loved. I feel like if you’re going to pay someone to organize your stuff, you shouldn’t have to do all the dang work! (I am venting because in the past I hired a woman to help me organize the kids toys and she put ME TO WORK. I was like WTF is this? Why am I paying you?) With Neat Method–they cleaned out my pantry, setting aside expired foods/spices for me to look through and say toss or don’t toss. And before they came to clean out my closet, I did spend an hour just throwing some old items into a donate bag. That’s all. 

My knifes used to be on the counter in a knife block. So glad they are off the counter and in the beautifully organized drawer!
I can finally see my linens!
Love being able to easily access my kitchen utensils.

They nailed it, you guys! My pantry is like a grocery store. I can go in, easily see the things I need to so that I am inspired by lovely spices and ingredients when I am creating recipes. My kitchen appliances are finally easily accessible so that I don’t have to get a step ladder out and climb up my pantry to get down my mixer when I need it. Plus, my kitchen has only shelfs instead of upper cabinets (which I love for design purposes) and they made my shelfs look magazine ready! Our bar and my cookbooks are freaking color coordinated! 


Now, let’s talk closet space. Good lord did we need help there. My husband and I share a closet and even though it’s good space we still were at max capacity because… well, I am a diva and my husband is what I like to call a divo. He is into style and has almost as many clothes as I do.  Stuff was freaking everywhere. But now, everything has it’s place, and I feel like I could get out a sleeping bag and sleep in my closet I love it so much! My purses are nicely tucked away in bins, jewelry in a beautiful jewelry box and nicely organized, clothes all color coordinated, shoes on display like a dang shoe store, and so much more!


So, like I said before, if you are like me and don’t have the time and energy to organize your spaces and want to invest in some sanity? You should give Neat Method a call to set up a consultation. From there, someone will come out and check out your space and give you an estimate. It is $150/per hour but they always use at least two Neat Method employees to work as quickly as possible. Neat will go and purchase all the needed storage items (you do have to pay for those items as well) and label everything so YOU don’t have to do anything! I just can’t recommend them enough. Oh and DFW friends–the Dallas Neat Method team has offered you a 10% discount when you use my code “NEAT DISH”. 

Please note that I only work with companies and products that I feel passionately about and that align with The Defined Dish’s views and that while Neat Method did comp the cost for organizing my spaces, my opinions are always 100% my own and that I very highly recommend their services!

All Photos are done by the lovely and talented Stephanie Drenka

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  1. I wish so terribly Neat Method was in Charlotte, NC! Hopefully one day. I have started following them on Instagram for the past two weeks thanks to you. House looks great 🙂

  2. I definitely came home from this shoot and started re-organizing our house like a madwoman haha. So inspiring!! What a great way to start the new year off on the right foot.