Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos

Summer is in full swing, and my grill flames are firing high! I seriously can’t get enough of easy peasy weeknight meals made on the grill that are bursting with flavor. This particular Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos dish isn’t just great for any ole taco Tuesday, it’s also great for weekend summer entertaining, too! It’s one of those dishes that no matter who the person is or what age, they just love this delicious grilled chicken! My girls raved about it!

Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos

To make this chicken really shine, I marinaded it in some fabulous Frontier Co-op spices. I adore all of the Frontier Co-Op products because their high-quality spices leave a big flavor on dishes… and y’all know how I am all about the big, bold flavors! To marinade, a beautiful combination of the Frontier Co-op Organic Chili Powder, Cumin, Garlic Powder, and Medium Grind Black Pepper come together with lime and coconut aminos for a show-stopping chicken. Even Sutton, my picky 6-year-old, told me that it was the best-grilled chicken taco ever! 

To accompany the beautiful tacos, I made my own easy tomatillo salsa. Making salsa may seem daunting, but, in fact it’s rather simple. Plus, nothing is more gratifying than making your own sauces. Throwing the tomatillos, onions and jalapeno on the grill to char and soften while the chicken cooks makes it even easier. After it softens, I just toss it in a blender with a few other flavor-boosting ingredients and tacos and homemade salsa are on the table in *no time at all!*

I just know you all are going to love these easy, healthy, Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos!

Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos


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Grill Chili Chicken Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos


For the Chicken Marinade:

  • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 tbsp avocado or olive oil
  • 2 tbsp coconut aminos
  • 2 tbsp fresh lime juice (or about 1 lime)
  • 1/2 tsp Frontier Co-op Organic Ground Cumin Seed
  • 1.5 tsp Frontier Co-op Organic Chili Powder
  • 1/2 tsp teaspoon Frontier Co-op Organic Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Frontier Co-op Black Pepper Medium Grind
  • 1.5 tsp kosher salt

For the Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa:

  • 1 lb tomatillos husks removed and rinsed
  • 1/2 medium white onion, halved
  • 1 small jalapeno
  • 1 tbsp avocado or olive oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp Frontier Co-op Organic Ground Cumin Seed
  • 2 tbsp fresh lime juice

For the Tacos/Serving:

  • 8-12 tortillas (your choice, I like Siete Grain-Free Cassava Flour)
  • 1 avocado, sliced thin
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro leaves
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped white onion


Marinade the Chicken:

  • Place chicken breasts on a cutting board and trim off excess fat. Cover the chicken with a large sheet of saran wrap or wax paper. Using a meat mallet or the bottom of a heavy skillet, pound the chicken until it is a uniform 1/2 inch thick. (This helps tenderize the chicken and makes it cook more evenly).
  • Transfer the chicken to a large bowl or ziplock bag. Add the remaining marinade ingredients and toss until well coated. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, up to 24 hours, until ready to grill.
  • Place the tomatillos, cut onion, and jalapeno on a small skillet and drizzle with oil.
  • Heat a grill over medium-high heat. On one half of the grill, place the skillet with the tomatillos. Place the chicken on the other half of grill. Grill, with the grill closed, until the chicken is cooked through-- about 4 minutes a side. Grill the veggies on the skillet until they begin to blister and are just tender, about 15 minutes total, rotating every 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
  • While the chicken rests before slicing, make the salsa. Place that charred tomatillos, onions, and jalapeno (remove the stem) into a food processor or blender with the cilantro, salt, cumin, and lime. Blend until just smooth, transfer to a bowl for serving.
  • Slice the chicken and serve in warmed tortillas with sliced avocado, diced onion, cilantro, and top with the tomatillo salsa! Serve with a wedge of lime and enjoy!

Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos

Please note that I only work with companies and products that I feel passionately about and that align with The Defined Dish’s views and that this post contains sponsored content from Frontier Co-opWhile I am compensated for the work I do, my opinions are always 100% my own.


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    October 19, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Amazing! Just made this for dinner and it will be added to the weekly rotation! Such a simple recipe with amazing flavors!

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    October 19, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Where did you get your comal, or the pan you used to grill the veggies for the salsa?

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