Easy 5 day Meal Plan

Last month, I shared my first 5 day meal plan and you guys absolutely loved it! To give you another option to make your weeknights as easy as possible, while still making yourself delicious Whole30 approved meals, I’ve put together another one!

Here we have 5 nights of super easy weeknight meals, breakfasts to prep on Sunday to grab and reheat throughout the week, healthy snacking options + easy throw together lunches. I hope this meal plan helps set you up for a week of success and tasty food! Oh, and all of these recipes are Whole30 approved!

Below, you’ll find my MEAL PREP GUIDE, which includes your grocery list for the week and other tips and tricks to help make your week of healthy eating successful. You’ll also find the MEAL PREP RECIPES, which is almost like your cookbook for the week.




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