Grill Week Prep | Menu, Grocery List and Helpful Tools

Okay, my friends! It’s going to be a fun week and we are going to be grilling ALL WEEK LONG! 

Each day this week, I’ll be sharing a brand new grilling recipe every morning here on the blog. In case you want to cook any of the recipes along with me throughout the week, I’ve provided a grocery list for you! No, the full recipes are not yet posted, but each day you’ll have access to the full recipe with the cooking instructions! 

Just something a little different to try out and would love to hear your feedback throughout the week on if you like this set-up. I know that with the last time I did a themed week (#ddRotisserieChickenweek) many of you wanted the ingredients to be able to cook along with me, so hopefully this is a helpful grocery guide for you to be able to do so! 

Grill Week Prep

To Download the Full Menu + Grocery List –> Grill Week | May 2021



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