Training Talks with Jon: FAQs

My personal trainer, Jon McDowell, is a wealth of knowledge. He is the owner of VIVE Personal Training here in Dallas and he spends most of his weekends continuing education and learning about the human body and things that we can do to naturally make it perform and be it’s best. I love that he shares the same beliefs as I do as far as clean eating goes and encourages all of his clients to not only move your body and strengthen it, but more importantly, he stresses the significance in clean eating. In fact, I haven’t walked out of his gym once without him yelling “keep it clean”. I just love that.

I sat down with Jon and asked him some Frequently asked questions that I get from you because I think his perspective as a very well educated trainer would be fun and informative for all of us, including myself.  And, if you have more questions for him… please ask in the comments below and we will do more “trainer talks” in the near future!


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