Thanksgiving Feast

Happy {almost} Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for all of you blog readers because we seriously enjoy sharing our recipes with you so that you can enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends…that is what it is all about for us! So, THANK YOU! Now, let’s talk about your Thanksgiving Feast.

This weekend, we had a handful of friends over to enjoy a Friends-giving Feast. We spent hours in the kitchen but, it was so worth it because we had the most wonderful time stuffing our face with delicious food and talking around the table all night, whilst getting a little drunk-y. We hope you take some of these recipes with you to your Thanksgiving with family or share one with your friends at a potluck Friendsgiving party! All of the things we cooked are below, with the links to each of their individual recipes. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Feast

First, we have our Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe.  You can’t have Thanksgiving without a Turkey.  It can be quite intimidating to Roast a Turkey to perfection but if you follow our instructions, it will be perfect!

Thanksgiving Feast

Next up?  Our Kale and Sausage Thanksgiving Dressing.  Okay, this is the furthest thing from healthy but, it’s thanksgiving and we DO NOT CARE!  We fancied it up and tried to cut as much fat as possible but lets be honest… this is a bread casserole.  It is pretty much impossible to do a healthy version of this!

Thanksgiving Feast

We did Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes not only to add some greenery to our feast, but to add a more simple side dish to make our day a little more easy!  But don’t let the simplicity of this recipe deceive you… it is DELICIOUS!

Holiday Sangria

When our Guests showed up, we immediately poured them a glass of our Holiday Sangria. How festive and fun does this look?  Well, it tastes just as festive and fun!  Plus, we garnished each glass with a sprig of rosemary and a cinnamon stick to really spunk it up.  I think we are going to make this from here onto Christmas because it is SO good and SO fun.


We spiced up some carrots with some crushed red pepper and added a little sweetness with some balsamic vinegar for our next simple and delicious side dish:  Spicy Balsamic Roasted French Carrots!  How gorgeous are these little babies?  They really made our Thanksgiving plate look more elegant and they tasted great!


Classic Mashed Potatoes because, well, you can’t do thanksgiving without a big helping of mashed potatoes smothered in Turkey Gravy!


This Kale Salad with Dried Cranberries, Smoked Gouda, Honey Roasted Pecans and a Lemon-Viniagerette was absolutely to die for.  Honestly, probably everyone’s favorite thing on the menu during our Friendsgiving Feast.  It is a MUST make if you are hosting a party.  So fresh, crisp and flavorful.


Oh dear this stuff is like crack… we absolutely love our homemade Turkey Gravy.  And yes, on Thanksgiving it is totally acceptable to pour this gravy over every single thing on your plate.


Lastly, we finished off our Thanksgiving Feast with our girl Ina Garten’s Creme Brulee and a nice cup of Coffee.  Pure bliss.  What made it more fun was that each of our guests torched their own Creme Brulee, most people seem to enjoy doing that!

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