How to make a Ranch Water

Ah, Ranch water! If you’ve never heard of it, Ranch Water is the popular Texan drink to sip on in the summer heat. No, there is not ranch dressing in it!! Come on, now! That would be disgusting. It’s referring to an actual ranch, you know–with cattle and wide-open spaces.  This drink doesn’t really require a recipe; in fact, if you’re from Texas you might be reading this post and thinking– why is she making a blog post about this? Well, it’s to enlighten the folks outside of our great State and have a place where they can turn to on the blog to remind them what goes into this simple cocktail.  When I say it’s simple– it’s really freaking simple. Here is all you need: lots of ice tequila lots of lime juice topo chico The type of tequila you use is up to you. But the Topo Chico is a non-negotiable here. The excessively bubbly topo chico mineral water is what makes the drink– and no other sparkling water works here. It’s just not bubbly enough and does not do the trick. Plus, Texans get feisty about Topo Chico here. You know, it’s kinda like that time I … Continue reading How to make a Ranch Water