Alexa and The Holidays!

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As you are well aware, Alexa is my favorite sous-chef and help around my home and kitchen.  I use my Amazon Echo Show 5 to help me in so many ways to complete everyday tasks and assist me. Over the holiday season, Alexa has a variety of ways to celebrate the holidays and bring your favorite holiday traditions to life. The girls and I have had so much fun over the last few weeks so I thought I’d share with you how you can use yours in your own home to spark some extra joy!

Alexa the sous-chef.

Since I am not much of a baker myself, Alexa is a great help in my kitchen when it comes to making Christmas treats. We always love to bake cookies while we decorate the Christmas tree, so I followed one of the Epicurious recipes for a snickerdoodle cookie. Simply ask Alexa for whatever dessert you are craving – in my case, Alexa, show me snickerdoodle cookie recipes” — and she will pull out a variety for you to choose from. For the record, the snickerdoodle recipe was SO GOOD!

Christmas music to spread joy!

The holidays are not the same without Christmas music playing 24/7. Alexa can keep the joy of Christmas music playing by simply asking, “Alexa, open Christmas radio” and a fantastic playlist of holiday favorites will play. You can also have ask “Alexa, start a Christmas Carol” to celebrate a tradition of years past with a modern twist!

Christmas Countdown.

I am pretty certain that every single morning until Christmas my girls are going to use this one!! Simply say, “Alexa, Christmas countdown” to track the days until Christmas.

Naughty or Nice?

The girls love any direct line to Santa they can get. With Alexa, they can easily check their status on the Nice List by asking, “Alexa, ask Santa Claus if I’m naughty or nice.”

Practice the Act of Giving

It is important to me and Clayton to remind the girls that the holidays are more than presents and yummy treats. It’s about spending time with your loved ones and helping others. Alexa makes this easy with all of their simple acts of giving. Simply ask, “Alexa, open Christmas Kindness,” for a full list of ideas, from DIY holiday gifts for your local church or nursing home to adding donations items for shelters or a toy drive to your shopping list.

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