The majority of us find that our sides are a problem area.  With these oblique focused ab exercises, you’ll be able to chisel away those “love handles”!  Try incorporating this workout or some of these exercises into your weekly program.  Doing this quick routine 2-3 times a week will bring noticeable results in no-time!  Time to sharpen those abs and challenge your core from every angle.


Criss-Cross:  Place hands at the base of your neck with elbows wide.  Pull head, neck and shoulders off mat.  Bring right elbow to left knee and switch, left elbow to right knee.

Elbow Plank and Rotate:  Start on forearms in a plank position with feet hip distance apart. Make sure shoulders are over wrist and back is flat.  Rotate torso to the left, pivoting on the ball of your feet as left arm extends to the ceiling. Return to start position and continue alternating to each side.

Starfish Crunches:  Lie down on your back with head rested back and arms out wide (90 degrees).  Feet should be spread to the width of the mat.  Slow and controlled, lift head, neck and shoulder as left arm reaches across at the same time your right leg lifts us.  Try to touch left hand to top of right foot then lower back down, one vertebrae at a time. Continue alternating to each side.

Side Plank Lift:  Lie on your side, position yourself with shoulders over wrist and feet either stacked. Lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line from your ankles, hips and shoulders.  Lower your hips to the floor. Pause, return to starting position. Repeat. Then complete the same process on your other side.

Ankle Taps:  Lift head and let body lean from side to side.  Reach to the ankle and tap in with one hand then reach to the other ankle and do the same.

Plank Alt. Knee to Elbow:  Start in plank position with shoulders in line with wrist and feet together.  Make sure your back in nice and flat.  Use your core to help you drive your right knee across toward your left elbow.  Make sure to maintain your flat back without lifting your hips or butt.  Place the right foot back down, continue to opposition side. Repeat.

Side Crunch:  Start off by lying on your side side with legs stacked over each other.  Make sure knees are bent a little bit.  Place your hands behind your neck.  Move your left elbow up to perform a crunch, the main focus will be into the obliques here.  Crunch as high as your can, hold for a second, lower back down.  Complete right side then repeat on left side.

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