VIDEO: A Sneak Peak into one of my workouts

I get asked all the time what I do for workout and it’s something I don’t normally share on my stories…. mainly because, well, I am working out and in the zone. Today, I am giving you a little peak into what a workout looks like for me, but really more so a breakdown of why my trainer, Jon at VIVE fitness, does what he does. He is a workout wizard, and can explain why his program is effective. 

My sister, Madison, joined me in this fun video so we can show you a little peak at what we do. If you are a Dallas person, I can’t recommend Jon enough! He really knows his sh*t and also knows the importance of a clean, healthy diet in combination with training to see the best results. If you aren’t in Dallas, I recommend you explore your options in your city and find somewhere that you love. I look forward to my workouts with Jon every week and that is a great feeling!

To say that I’ve gotten stronger by training with Jon would be an understatement. Like Jon says in the video, they track progress there and to watch how much stronger, faster and just more powerful I have become by training with him is insane! Let’s just say (if you are a numbers person) that I started off running on the curved treadmill at 12mph. I now am in the 14mph level and I am so impressed by the progress I continue to make. It’s so exhilarating to see progress and know that your body is getting stronger, and running more efficiently. I feel like a High School athlete again, but even stronger!! haha. It just feels good to be strong!

Feel free to leave any specific questions below in the comments as Jon and I will be happy to address them in another video or by responding to your comments.


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