2019 Holiday Gift Guides!

Happy Holiday, friends!! I’ve rounded up some of my top Holiday picks. Some you’ve probably seen on my page often (because they are things that I already love and adore) and some new, fun ideas that you may want to add to your list or gift someone you love!

Right now, I’ve only gathered 3 great guides: For the Foodie, For Her, and For the Kiddos. I don’t have a For Him quite yet because, well, Clayton is a little busy right now to help– but if enough of you want it I can maybe wrangle him this weekend to help me out! 

So let’s get started!

  1. The Defined Dish Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes: Well, duh! You all need this! and yeah, yeah I know it’s not out until Dec. 31st. I’m sorry, but in the meantime, I’ve put together this cute little gift certificate to hold them over for a few days 😉
  2. Chef’n SleekStor Nesting Spoons, Trend Color Set: the perfect stocking stuffer or something the tie on the top of a gift, these nesting spoons ACTUALLY fit into spice jars. 
  3. Staub Cast-Iron Oven: My favorite cast iron skillet and it’s gorgeous!
  4. Soapply Subscription: But first, wash your hands. Something all cooks need to do and soap is something that is a must for our sanitation and health. Which is exactly why Soapply gives back with every bottle that is purchased to water conservation and sanitation needs around the world! The gift that keeps giving AND that gives back! fantastic.
  5. No Crumbs Left Everything Bowl: This is the MOST stunning bowl that I own. I love serving salads with it when I have guests over but it’s also practical for the everyday cook! 
  6. Anthropologie Old Havana Pitcher: Giving the hostess with the mostess something pretty is never a bad idea!
  7. Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman: If you don’t know who Alison Roman is, she is a fantastic food writer for NYT cooking and has some seriously fantastic recipes. Her book is stunning, unique, and most importantly–delicious!
  8. WMF Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk, 12-1/2 Inch: The whisk that doesn’t scratch up your cookware!!
  9. Anthropologie Zoysia Bowls: The most stunning bowls! 
  10. No Crumbs Left by Teri Turner: Another fabulous book for the cookbook collector in your life. Teri’s cookbook is written with so much love, you’ll just want to read every word she wrote– plus, the recipes are fantastic with a ton of Whole30 inspiration!
  11. OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper: A fun way to keep organize your fridge while also keeping your veggies fresh longer!! It might not seem like an exciting gift to unbox, but the thank you’s will keep rolling in months later with this one!
  12. Joy Creative Shop Grocery List: Such a cute little notepad for the food lover in your life!!

  1. Lele Sadoughi Iris Bouquet Shadow Drop Earrings: These statement earrings aren’t just beautiful, but I am a huge wimp and they aren’t heavy + don’t hurt to wear!!!
  2. Botkier Winter Combat Boots: The perfect alternative to uggs this winter season!
  3. Kindle PaperWhite: If you can’t decide if the Kindle is a good gift for the book lover in your life, read my blogpost here!! I love mine!!!
  4. Def Leppard Shirt: a comfy and cool shirt to throw on for the t-shirt gal. 
  5. AGOLDE 90’s Mid Rise Loose Fit: The best denim I own right now!
  6. Hotel San Jose Kimono Robe: If you know, you know. haha, I wear this robe way too often and it’s on my gift guide every year with GOOD REASON. It’s cute, it’s lightweight, it’s long, and it’s comfy!! 
  7. Fossil Sport Smartwatch: The perfect gift for the sporty gal in your life.
  8. Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Character Necklace: A special and timeless piece for mom. (also, if you only want one initial you can do that too, and when you need to add more you just send it in!!)
  9. Tumi Dori Backpack: This is my purse for everyday and I love it. It’s cool, practical and pretty and a total PRO-MOM MOVE! I also have this TUMI Carson backpack for when I travel and it is the best. Just call me TUMI backpack girl. They are investment pieces, but if you want a good quality bag this is the one!
  10. Hotel Emma Tin Candle: my current fave scent!!!!!
  11. Annie Bing Samone Jacket: Wearing this cool, everyday jacket right now as I type 😉
  12. Superga 2790 Platform Sneaker: The white sneaker trend was the best thing that ever happened to fashion right now in my opinion. the fact that I can wear a dress and just throw on white sneakers and be on trend is CLUTCH! 

  1. Woodbury Götz Doll House: We got this for the girls last year and it’s pretty and perfect for American Girl dolls or bigger dolls!
  2. FLYOME 4 Pack Invisible Ink Pens with UV Light:  Sutton recently got some of these “secret spy pens” and she is obsessed with them. A perfect stocking stuffer or cheap little toy to get them that will be a huge hit!
  3. STREET WALK Aqua Magic Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Toy:  I get these Magic mats for kids birthday’s all the time and they are a hit with all young ages!!!
  4. Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Secret Small Mall Multi Level Playset: an obnoxious toy that kids can keep collecting, but it’s the main thing my kids want for christmas other than roller skates right now! haha
  5. SULIFEEL Rainbow Unicorn 4 Size Adjustable Light up Roller Skates:  and these are the #1 on Santa’s List.
  6. ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter 18″ – Polly the Panda:  If you travel a lot with kids and trust your kids at the airport to not be complete a** holes. Get this for them!! I love it that we can all carry on now without me having to lug the girls bags around after about 10 minutes!! 
  7. Curious Chef 3 Piece Nylon Knife Set-Orange: These chef knives are perfect for getting kids to help out in the kitchen. Don’t worry, they can’t harm themselves using these! 
  8. Joy Creative Shop Kids Fill In Thank You Notes: I loooove these Thank you Notes!! A way to get your kids to learn the art of a thank-you notes without momma having to write them all herself!
  9. The Sandwich Swap: The sweetest book and lesson to children on not making fun of other kids foods that they eat!
  10. Do A Dot Art Markers 5-Pack Shimmer Washable Paint Markers: Winnie (4) could do this for hours!
  11. Do a Dot Art Coloring Book: you need this for the above markers. 

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